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Tracy Livingston




Thunder Ridge Airpark, located in Duchesne County, Utah is a one of a kind fly in, drive in, recreational air park offering 5 acre developed Airpark lots with HOA membership to 100+ acre parcels within the adjacent Highlands Ranch with optional Airpark Club membership.   Experience camping, weekend cabin living, or upscale home luxury.  Our year round, gated, community offers a unique combination of natural mountain scenery, area recreation, and seclusion with city conveniences less than an hour drive away.   We are a mix of pilots and non-pilots owners surrounded by recreational opportunities. Some members live here year round enjoying the best value cabin homes found anywhere while others just come up for a getaway to camp and share good times with family.


The air is clear, clean, and refreshing.  Our 7000' altitude provides summer daily temperatures typically in the mid 80’s with pleasantly cool nights in the 60's.  No airconditioning needed here.   Autumn colors are breathtaking. Winters are relatively mild, with less snow (sometimes less than a foot of snow), but within 30 minutes of limitless snowmobiling, ice fishing, and cross country skiing.  No damp, cold, inversions here!  We have more dry, blue sky, winter days than Southern Utah with most January and February days warmer than the Wasatch Front.     


All 5 acre Estate Lots and the much bigger Ranch parcels feature grand vistas and seclusion.  Culinary water and underground electric utilities run to each 5 acre lot and to a select few Ranch Lots.  Or choose a Ranch Lot with a pre-drilled well and our discounted solar systems for off-grid living.  Cell coverage generally is 3G/4G.   Property taxes are low and quality of life is high!  We love spending time here.  


For those wanting to escape the summer heat in places like Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico come on up.   Our property is such a good value maybe you can afford that getaway afterall.   Cool summer days, starry nights, and the great outdoors happen everyday.   Relax, enjoy the peace and quiet, and see for yourself why we are so excited to share what we have. Whether you Drive or Fly, be sure to drop us a line and let us show you around. 


Whatever you choose to call this lifestyle: living with your plane, aviation acres, flyin homes, hangar homes, airport homes, airport airpark homes, our private airport offeres aviation real estate for you on or off the airstrip, whether on our ranches, or on our estates. Check us out on facebook and "like" us to be in the loop for upcoming events.  Call me anytime.

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