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POA Meetings

POA Meetings & Board Information

2019 Annual Member Meeting

The Annual Meeting for 2019 is at 11 am, Sat May 18 at the shelter. The annual dues for this cycle remain unchanged at $250. We encourage all members to review and to make comments to any board member prior to the upcoming budget approval at the meeting.  


The Agenda is as follows:

1. Review of last years spend and this years budget & the loan status for the runway slurry seal.  We anticipate the expense allocation for this coming year to be similiar to last year with the exception of the need for runway crack seal. 

2. The need for a special assessment and discussion of amount to crack seal the runway.

3.  Other items of interest to members

4. Vote your favorite member for President, VP and Treasurer. 


We encourage all lot owners to attend.

2018-2019 Board Members

Tracy Livingston - President, Chairman


Bob Miles - Vice President, Airpark Manager


Lori Livingston - Secretary, Treasurer, Bookeeper


Board Annual Budget Policy

Per section 11.4 of the CCR's, the Board is required to create a budget for the next year with an estimate of the assessments to be charged to each owner and shall "distribute" the budget to each owner.   Included in that proposed budget will be the date for a Board meeting to "final" approve the budget and to set the years annual assessment.    The board is required to approve the budget in final form when a dues change is anticipated.  


Member Notification Policy

The Board has adopted a policy for board meetings and proposed annual budget notifications via posting on this page only.  At such time that many members have registered, the board may amend the policy to include email notifications.  Please register your email to recieve notifications, dues changes, and upcoming meetings or announcements.  


The goal is to post accounting reports here each year including, in years of proposed annual assessment changes,  a notification of the date of a board meeting to approve an assessment change prior to the annual meeting.  This interim meeting is generally prior to March 25 so that members can be notified by April 1 of assessment changes that become due on May 1.   All annual assessments will be provided by email if you elected paperless at the above registration button, or by mail at least 30 days prior to the annual meeting and will include the annual meeting date and time. 


Your Voting Rights

Bylaws, Section 4.3:  

"Any person or entity, on becoming an Owner of a Lot, shall furnish to the Manager or to the Secretary of the Association a photocopy or a certified copy of the recorded instrument vesting that person or entity with an ownership interest, which instrument shall remain in the files of the Association.   An Owner shall not be deemed to be a Member of the Association in good standing and shall not be entitled to vote at any annual or special meeting of Members unless this requirement is first met."  (Note: The POA has the recorded instrument from owners who purchased from the Declarant.  If you purchased from someone else you need to provide this to vote.  Send by email or to the PO Box here....


Bylaws Section 4.2 Voting Rights.

"The Association will have two classes of voting membership: Class A and Class B.  Class A members are all Lot Owners, with the exception of the Declarant, and are entitled to one vote for each Lot owned. When more than one person holds an interest in any Lot, all such persons are members. The vote for such Lot will be exercised as they determine, but in no event will more than one vote be cast with respect to any Lot.   The Class B member is the Declarant, its assigns or successors, and is entitled to three votes for each of lots 155 through 231. The Class B membership will expire and cease and be converted to Class A membership when the total votes outstanding in the Class A membership equal the total votes outstanding in the Class B Membership." 

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