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Affordable Dream

Escape the Summer Heat!

Airpark properties are expensive...until now.  Cabin homes and Ranch Lots at Thunder Ridge are so affordable your family can NOW OWN that weekend getaway out of the winter smog, the summer heat, and the city noise.  Your dream can come true today.... 

5 ac Estate Lots & 15-30 acre Ranches For Sale    

Seller Financing: Everyone Qualifies
Fly-In Breakfast Events

Airpark Sale:  Reserve your 30 ac Ranch, 5 ac Estate, or select a pre-built cabin home today.

Can I Afford a Fly-in Cabin Getaway?

The Aviation Community Dream

Most of us gave up the dream of owning a fly-in, private airport home long ago.   We think that fly In communities and residential air park homes, airpark land and flyin ranches are expensive.   But we still dream..... We dream of an affordable, all seasons, fly-in, aviation community airpark property in the mountains, with a paved private airstrip.   We dream of nearby high adventure flying, stunning sightseeing flights, blue skies, nice temperatures, a ski resort not to far away, and a plane parked out back.  A place for 4 season recreation out of the summer heat and the winter smog.   Some of us dream of an affordable cabin, while some of us want ranch land for fly-in camping under the stars.   Some of us dream of weekend trips and some dream of living there.   Some of us want more land to raise some horses or for solitude.   Some of us dream of elk & mule deer hunting on a private reserve.     All of us dream of building memories with family, or sharing a fireplace or camp fire with a significant other at a place we call home.   



Thunder Ridge Airpark is that dream.  Now offering affordable, upscale, airpark real estate,  private airport homes, and ranch lots on a 4000' paved backcountry airstrip.  If you like air park real estate,  hangar homes, mountain country living, four season outdoor recreation, or even fly in hunting at the adjacent Highlands Ranch, its here.  If you like day trip adventure flying to resort areas, fly in hunting, or nearby backcountry airstrip flying, its nearby.   Do you want this dream?  Then find out how affordable upscale cabins & camping ranches (all with utilities) really are at Thunder Ridge Air Park.   



We are full time residents, part time weekenders, and seasonal retreatists escaping the Arizona and Texas heat, the Wasatch Front winter smog, the California rat race, and the city life.  We are recreational enthusiasts.   We ski, fish, boat, hike, camp, snowmobile, hunt, and even kite ski.   We come here for family gatherings, couple retreats, campfire stories, airplane camping, or just to get away.    This can be yours, too. 


Our Private Airstrip

Who We Are

Four Season Backcountry Flying Adventures 

Our central location between Utah's northern mountains and it's southern canyons enables four season outdoor adventure flying.  It could be local mountain flying or a nearby flyin resort destination in any season, a day trip to a remote airstrip or an extended fly-in camping adventure in Utah's canyon country in three seasons, or flyin fishing in the nearby mountains in the cool, comfortable summers.   Many of our fun places to fly are less than 30 minutes away.  


Attention backcountry pilots.  Are you interested in day trip reachable backcountry airstrips?   See the best of Utah backcountry videos here.   

Uinta Mountains, Red Creek Reservoir, Thunder Ridge Airstrip

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