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POA Dues

Thunder Ridge Property Owners Assessments


You can pay be credit card direct from an invoice emailed to you.  If you did not recieve your emailed invoice, send us an email and we will send you a link to enable payment with any major credit card.

The ability to provide services to members depends on timely payment.  We thank you for prompt payment. The annual assessments are included in the annual newsletter sent about April 1 each year by mail.  We encourage you to sign up to recieve an email invoice and pay on line which helps reduce accounting costs.  


Using Paypal

2022 Annual Assessment Payment (for current accounts prior to June 1)

You can also pay using Paypal.  For multiple lots, enter the number of lots you own in the PayPal page, or return here for each transaction and select "add to cart" for each lot.  For past due payments, use only the "PayPal Past Due Only" button to follow.   If by check, send $520 per lot to Thunder RIdge Property Owners Association, PO Box 843, Heber City, UT 84032

















Annual Assessment

(credit card only)

Prior to June 1.


$520 per lot


Annual Assessment (paypal direct)  

Prior to June 1.


 $520 per lot


For Members paying direct with a PayPal account without a Credit Card.


Past Due Accounts & Annual Assessments paid after June 1

If your account is past due, ask us by email or calculate the total as follows:

1. Add up all yearly

assessments per lot.




2. Add 15% to each year that is past due (after June 1 each year) for delinquency fee.

3. Add an 8% annual interest charge beginning June 1 of the year due (prorate all partial months as full months at a rate of .67% per month).  For example, you owe $520 due June 1 but you're paying on Sept 10.  Interest is .67% x 4 months ie June, July, Aug, Sept or $13.94 interest. 

4. If more than one year past due, add $100 additional late fee*.

5. Pay by PayPal or by Check.   If using PayPal and a credit card add 3% to the total.  

6. Enter the amount after selecting "Pay Now".


You benefit when settling late accounts by reducing or avoiding further costs or liens.   If you underpay by more than $10 and requires us to send a followup statement showing the amounts, an additional $10 invoicing fee will apply.  Its best to email us if you are unsure of your balance.


Note:    An additional $100 late fee is permitted in Bylaws 8.2h which the board is assessing for more than one year past due.


Please Register

All members are encouraged to register here.  We particularly need emails for notifications, and phone numbers for emergencies.   Consider electing paperless billing  while registering which helps reduce association costs.  If you do not elect paperless in the registration form, annual dues invoices are sent to the address of record or if we do not have a mailing address, the annual assessement invoice is sent to the county assessor's address of record for your lot.   We encourage all members to register which will further help the transition to all paperless thus lowering overhead costs.    Your cooperation also helps us facilitate the transition to an email method for notifications & meetings.


Thunder Ridge POA and Bandanna POA (Division of Authority)

Thunder Ridge is an air park real estate community that regulates itself via its own seperate property owners association (POA) within the Bandanna POA.   We encourage members to read the CCR's of both POA's and the uses for the funds at the "Regulations" Tab above.     Thunder Ridge POA dues pay for runway operations insurance, garbage services and faciliites, common area costs, and maintainance of the runway and the runway access roads, and the aircraft tie down area.  Per Thunder Ridge CCR's section 11 all lots are required to pay POA fees annually at a rate established by the board sufficient to cover costs for POA facilities and their operation.  The board has established that annual dues are to be paid by May 1 each year to match the due date for Bandanna dues.  The board is authorized to increase dues as necessary for unforseen events, deferred maintenance, and increased operations costs.  


Bandanna Ranch POA is responsible for MOST road maintenance within the Airpark, contact Bandanna for road maintenance issues.  Do NOT pay your Bandanna Dues to Thunder Ridge POA.  All questions for Bandanna should be addressed here.


Here is a map that shows the Lots included in the Airpark POA assessments as well as jurisdiction of road maintenance responsibilities of the two POA's. 



Dues Adjustments & POA Budget Procedures

Annual proposed POA budgets are posted between March 1 and March 15 each year. Shortly thereafter a Board meeting is called to review, modify, and approve.   All board meetings are open with a call in number.   The Board has established that posting here....


meets the obligation for member notification of board meetings.  We may also adopt email notifications at such time that sufficient members have email registered.   Check back often if you dont want to miss a meeting.  We are often able to post board meeting times at least 30 days in advance.


Late Dues Regulations

Section 11.9 of the CCR's establishes procedures for collection of past due amounts as follows:


Section 11.9

Effect of Non-payment of Assessment; Lien; Remedies of Association. Any Association installment, whether pertaining to an annual, special or default assessment, which is not paid within thirty (30) days of its due date shall be delinquent. In the event that an assessment installment becomes delinquent, the Association, in its sole discretion may take any or all of the following actions:


a. Enforce a Late charge as provided in Section 8.2 (h) of the By-Laws.

b. Assess a late charge of at least 15% per delinquency.

c. Assess an interest charge from the date of delinquency at the rate per annum of 2

points above the prime rate charged by the Association's bank or such other rate

as shall have been established by the Board of Directors.

d. Suspend the voting rights of the Owner during any period of delinquency.

e. Accelerate all remaining assessment installments for the fiscal year in question so

that unpaid assessments for the remainder of the year shall be due and paid at


f. Bring legal action against any owner personally obligated to pay the delinquent


g. File a statement of lien with respect to the Lot, and foreclose as set forth..


Late Payment Collection Procedures

The POA board has recently established definitive procedures for notifications as follows:


By April 1:  Invoices are mailed or emailed (if you elected paperless)  including details of the annual May meeting.


By May 1:  Annual assessment is due for the May 1 to May 1 billing cycle.


By Aug 1:  Late notices are sent with a 15% delinquency fee and 8% annual interest fees starting on June 1 of the cycle.   Additional 15% delinquency fees will be assessed per past due bill to cover accounting costs.   Note:  the board has the right per 8.2h of the bylaws to assess an additional $100 late charge for accounts more than 30 days past due. 


By Nov 1: Accounts that are not current will be sent to 3rd party collection and incurr additional fees, costs, and penalties.   If not paid within 30 days thereafter a lot lien will be filed with the county.  The board under its authority may also use additional means to collect. 

PayPal: Past Due Only

Subdivision Map with Boundary Overlay

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