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Aircraft Operations



Location: 35 miles SE of Heber City, Utah.  


Runway 31 end is 40 15’ 28.15” N, 110 51’ 31”W

Runway 13 end is 40 16’ 23.0”N, 110 52’ 26”W

Mag. Var: 14E 

Elevation: 7000' Runway 31, 7250' Runway 13. 

Runway: 31-13, 4000 x 48 Paved.  

Lights: None.  

Frequency: CTAF 122.8.  

Fuel: None.  

The airpark is one of the fun places to fly in Utah having a backcountry character but doesnt demand a backcountry airplane.  Many aircraft types have landed here from low horsepower Piper Warriors and 152's,  Cessna twins, sport planes, and homebuilts.  Our point is that many normal catagory aircraft operated by skilled pilots have visited without incident.  Thats no gaurantee that your results will be similiar.   The airstrip is situated in a high mountain environment and may be subject to high density altitude conditions.   While backcountry pilots accustomed to carrying passengers for flyin hunting, fly-in fishing, flyin camping, etc may not find the air strip runway particularly challenging in any aircraft type, others may experience some challenges particularly during windy conditions, or in low performance aircraft, or with poor piloting skills.  If you lack mountain flying experience, may we suggest flying into Heber City Municipal Airport (Russ McDonald Field) near Park City, visting our friends at OK3 air, and renting a car or fly-in with them on the 20 minute flight, or even asking OK3 for some backcountry, mountain flying lessons.   Duchesne Airport is also close by.  Give us a prior call prior and maybe we can give you a ride.    


Schedule your takeoff and landings carefully considering density altitude and wind.   The runway rises at a 3% grade from runway 31 ie SE to NW with a 5% grade the last 1,000 feet on the NW end (runway 13). The runway is asphalted the first 4,000 x 48 feet from the NW end providing a 2,700ft. graded, dirt overrun for runway 13 takeoff margin.  The sides of the runway beyond the pavement consists of a gravel bed and drainage ditch as close as 10' from the runway edge.  If you are prone to tailwheel ground loops be aware that ground loops could lead to abrupt stops in the gravel or ditch.  Takeoffs are recommended for runway 13 straight out and should NOT be attempted if any aircraft are in the pattern.   Prudent radio communication is required.  Aircraft without a working radio are not permitted.   The runway is not fenced and deer, elk, moose and other wildlife are abundant.   All pilots should familiarize themselves with the runway environment and their own limitations and aircraft performance prior to determining if flying operations are prudent.  Aircraft operations should rely on pilot discretion only.  Pilots should not depend on the descriptions herein being accurate nor should they be relied upon for piloting or navigation decisions.    


Calm Conditions:

Landings on runway 13 can be tricky due to the descending grade and high terrain on approach but do have the benefit of less hazards for go arounds.  The typical landing is on runway 31 past the dirt threshold where the 4,000 feet of asphalt begins.  Be aware that runway 31 takeoffs and go arounds are potentially hazardous due to rising terrain to the NW.    The typical takeoff is from runway 13.  We recommend that pilots with uncertainty of safety margins associated with high density altitude and rising terrain should not attempt runway 31 takeoffs or 31 landings that could lead to a go around. 


Windy Conditions:

Consider the following tradeoff decisions using pilot discretion;  

1) takeoff from runway 13 downhill with the wind but with descending terrain versus from runway 31 into the wind but with rising terrain.   2) landing on runway 13 into the wind and downhill versus landing on 31 with the wind but with rising terrain.  


The airstrip is for access by our air park community lot and home owners, Before planning a trip to the Airpark, please call us for updates and permission.  Generally we grant permission to anyone interested in our homes, cabins, and land.  Fly-in events do not require prior permission. Please check our facebook site for development activities for any work that might affect your arrival or departure.  

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