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5 acre Lots

5 Acre Airpark Lots For Sale
Call for Prices

Ground based Electric Transformer Included, $7,000 Value. Compare*


Paved Runway

Aircraft Parking

Hangar Pads

T Hangars (TBB)


Gated, Private

4 Season Access

BBall Court

Volleyball Court



Underground Power

Culinary Water System

Telephone, DSL

Wireless Internet

Bring the road map and the plat (also at the Airpark Entrance Building) & start your Tour today. 

Road Map

Plat & Prices

LOW DOWN SPECIAL: Estate 157  or 158
15% Down Special

Our most affordable parcel with low down financing.  In addition, its the only remaining parcel with power on TWO sides of the property offering flexibility in siting a home.  No qualifying finance packages as low as $305/mo.

More Photos Coming Soon
Seller Financing:  Very Low 15% Down
Everyone Qualifies

The only  parcel available with VERY low down, no qualifying, seller financing, and a low down payment. In 15 minutes, the property can be yours. 

Ground based Electric Transformer Included, $7,000 Value.

Square Estate Parcels
Estates 197:  Call for Prices

The last of the "square" parcels offering buffer zone from neighbors and more flexibility in pad or home siting.  We opin that the shape, at only a small increase in price from our lowest priced lots, means superior value.  One of these has more variety of terrain.  When you visit you'll know which one it is.

More Photos Coming Soon
20% Down Seller Financing
Everyone Qualifies

$1,000 refundable deposit reserves it.

Best Value:  With more buffer zone

Ground based Electric Transformer Included, $7,000 Value.

Other Estate Lots
Call for Prices 
Watch the Aircraft from your front porch
Estates 168, 169

These lots are very private, with the back adjacent to a very large, private ranch facing the mountains. Buy one or both for a 10 acre ranch.

More Photos Coming Soon
20% Down Seller Financing
Everyone Qualifies

$1,000 refundable deposit reserves it.

Ground based Electric Transformer Included, $7,000 Value.

* All our 5 acre lots include a ground mounted transformer at no additional charge saving you thousands while many competitor's lots for sale in the adjacent Bandanna Ranch advertising power on their property do not include the necessary $7000 transformer & if a power pole is required, Moonlake Electric charges more than $9000.
For Non-Pilots.  Why should i buy Airpark property?

Why are more than half our members non-pilots?  Its economics.   Members have recognized that owner diversity promotes a dynamic, engaging, robust community with enhanced property values.  The Airpark is expected to continue to attract buyers from Texas to Arizona, from California to Montana, thus offering additional resell opportunities.  If you ever decide to sell, we predict stronger prices particularly after the parcel inventory sells out, estimated to occur this summer.  

For Pilots.  What's Special about our fly in Community?

Our AFFORDABLE cabin homes & ranch property are out of the winter smog, the summer heat, and the city noise and can be be accessed by general aviation high wing aircraft and a few in low wing aircraft. 

Faster Property Appreciation 

Our prices are substantially below the western us airpark market.  Why? Our business is selling property, thus we are motivated to sell out our parcel inventory quickly (keeping one for personal use).  The inherent benefit to members is not only built in equity value but potentially stronger values ongoing compared to the local non-airpark market.   Our strategy (for the next few months) is to set prices comparable to non-airpark Duchesne County land for sale,  (which has some of the most attractively priced real estate in Utah) and to raise prices (which to date we have not done) as our inventory approaches sell out.   Meanwhile all other airpark property in the western USA is more then DOUBLE our prices.   Take a look at other airpark prices here.   What do you think happens to your parcel value after our inventory sells out?

Mountain West Ranches sometimes list properties across the runway from the Airpark.  Those properties do NOT have power , water, runway rights or our amenties.  Beware of claims of "nearby".   Are you sure you can obtain an easement to a water or power line?  What is the cost?  Duchesne Co regs do not allow exceptions for water hauling and storage within a water district, and without water may deny a building permit.  Bandanna Ranch no longer allows non permanent structures on those lots either, so bunkhouses from Mountains West Ranches are perhaps not allowed either.   Be aware those properties do NOT have legal right to access the runway unless they join the airpark association via a rigourous initiation cost.   Thus buyers may be limited to using our competors lot for part time, self contained RVs.   We urge you to investigate.  Is a Lot from Mountains West Ranches just an expensive place to camp?  
Our Utah mountain property, Utah recreational property, and Utah land for sale located in Thunder Ridge Airpark, is an HOA within the Bandanna Ranch, Fruitland, Duchesne County, Utah HOA & within the Fruitland Water FSSD.   We encourage you to research our prices and discover why Thunder RIdge is THE BEST AIRPARK VALUE IN THE NATION.  Escape to the mountains west of Duchesne.  Our Real Estate property is offered direct to you as Utah land for sale by owner or Utah acres for sale by owner and we pass the savings to you. 
Fruitland, Utah:  41 Air miles East of Provo, Near Strawberry Reservior Recreation Country
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