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Lot owners have been recieving year to year permission to hunt exclusively on portions of the adjacent Highland Ranch.  The only hunters you may see are other lot owners but most days you'll be the only hunter.   Beginning in 2013, cow elk depredation tags were also made available.   The typical hunt season is Aug thru Jan.  Many elk have been taken.  For example, for the 2013/2104 season, 12 depredation tags issued resulted in elk takings.  Due to the lengthy season and the abundance of elk traversing the Highlands Ranch, the probability of success is high.   In fact, we dont hesitate to say, if your committed to getting your elk and have ample time, you generally get your elk. 


2017/2018 Elk Season Update

Check back for information on the 2017 Season.  We are optimistic of recieving more private land tags (similiar to depredation tags).  Most years there are enough tags for multiple members of a lot owners family.  While we have not to date had to turn owners away, if the tags become limited, then rights to recieve DNR tags will be provided through a draw.  Presently, if you purchase, and DNR issues tags for us, you will get a tag.   

2017 Mule Deer Season

Vast herds of mule deer forage from the fall thru the winter on the Highlands Ranch.   Trophy buck are not uncommon.  We are hopefull for Depredation tags but so far we have had to rely on general hunt and special hunt tags acquired individually.   2014 was our first season.  For the 2017 season, we are offering to allow all Thunder Ridge lot owners & immediate family the right to hunt on portions of the Highlands Ranch, up to two hunters/lot per alloted days. 

Hunter Successes

Congratulations to recent hunters who have taken game on the Highlands the last two years.  


Bob Miles - cow elk, buck deer

Scott Winger - cow elk

Ryan Wolfe - cow elk

Kevin Maxwell - cow elk

Eric Eneboe - cow elk

Mark Schuff - cow elk

Guy Defu - cow elk

David Gray - cow elk

Stan Probst - cow elk

Dan Trinneman - cow elk 

Tracy Livingston - cow elk, buck

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